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1900 Bridge (US 42)

The 1900 Bridge was a crossing constructed in 1900 that carried US 42 across the Kentucky River between Carrollton and Prestonville. It was replaced by a modern two-lane truss in 1952.

Camp Nelson Bridges (US 27)

Three bridges have crossed at Camp Nelson across the Kentucky River south of Nicholasville, carrying first a dirt north-south thoroughfare and later US 27.

Catawba Road Bridge

The Catawba Road Bridge over a CSX Transportation railroad line (former Louisville & Nashville Railroad) is located in rural Pendleton county.

Chenault Highway Bridge (Formerly KY 34)

The Chenault Highway Bridge formerly carried KY 34 over the Dix River east of Danville. The truss span was constructed by the FK Ketler Company of Chicago, Illinois in 1924.

Cumberland River Bridge (KY 90)

The KY 90 crossing of the Cumberland River at Burnside was constructed in 2005 and is a Warren through truss. Construction began in 2003, and replaced a bridge constructed in 1950 as part of the Lake Cumberland project.

Cumberland River Bridge (KY 90)

This two-lane arch bridge over the Cumberland River above Cumberland Falls at Cumberland Falls State Resort Park carries KY 90.

Eggner’s Ferry Bridge (US 68, KY 80)

Eggner’s Ferry Bridge carries US 68 and KY 80 across Kentucky Lake between Trigg and Marshall counties.

Fishing Creek Bridge (KY 80)

The Fishing Creek Bridge on KY 80 is located in Pulaski county between Nancy and Somerset. The Warren deck truss was constructed in 1951 as part of the Lake Cumberland project.

Fredericktown Bridge (Formerly US 150)

The Fredericktown Bridge is located in Fredericktown and formerly carried US 150 over Beech Fork. Constructed in 1909 by the Champion Bridge Company of Wilmington, Ohio, the two-span through truss was bypassed in 1957 and closed to through traffic in October 2013.

Freestone Road Bridge (Formerly US 60)

The Freestone Road Bridge is located in Rowan county, and crosses Triplett Creek. Constructed in 1921, the through truss carried US 60. The one-lane bridge was bypassed in 1948 with a new alignment.

Hickman Creek Bridge (KY 169)

Spanning Hickman Creek at Union Mills in Jessamine county, the abandoned one-lane span carrying KY 169 was replaced in the 1950′s.

H.L. Spurlock Power Plant Bridge

The H.L. Spurlock Power Plant Bridge is a seven span, 700-foot long crossing Lawrence Creek and KY 8 west of Maysville.

Justell Bridge (KY 2557)

The Justell Bridge is a one-lane former railroad span converted for automobile use in Justell. It carries KY 2557.

Kennedy Mills Bridge (KY 152)

The Kennedy Mills Bridge carries KY 152 over the Dix River.

Lake Barkley Bridge (US 68, KY 80)

The Lake Barkley Bridge carries U.S. Route 68 and Kentucky State Route 80 across Lake Barkley in Trigg county west of Cadiz.

Little Sandy River Bridge (Chesapeake & Ohio Railroad)

Chesapeake and Ohio Railroad Little Sandy River Bridge is located in Greenup and is a four span deck plate girder bridge that once carried three tracks. It was most likely constructed in the mid 1920s during the railroad elevation project.

Little Sandy River Bridge (Formerly US 23)

The former alignment of US 23 in Greenup included a one-lane truss bridge over the Little Sandy River near its terminus with the Ohio River.

Otter Creek Bridges (KY 90)

Along KY 90 at Zula are four spans that carry and carried the highway over Otter Creek.

Pauley Suspension Bridge

The Pauley Suspension Bridge is restored span near Pikeville.

Quicksand Creek Bridge (KY 1812)

The KY 1812 pony truss bridge over Quicksand Creek in Breathitt county was constructed in 1929.

Rolling Fork Bridge (KY 289, Formerly US 68)

The Rolling Fork Bridge is located south of Campbellsville along KY 289, a former alignment of US 68. Constructed in 1923, the one-lane, nine-panel Camelback Pratt through truss was last rehabilitated in 1972.

Scrubgrass Creek Bridge (KY 32)

The KY 32 bridge over Scrubgrass Creek south of Myers in rural Nicholas county is a Pony truss that was constructed in 1932.

Shortway Bridge

The Shortway Bridge was a tolled facility connecting Covington and Newport across the Licking River.

SOUTH FORK GRASSY CREEK BRIDGE  Formerly Kentucky State Route 1657

South Fork Grassy Creek Bridge (Formerly KY 1657)

The South Fork Grassy Creek Bridge includes two crossings, one of which is abandoned, and are located in rural Pendleton county. The abandoned bridge, a Pratt through truss, was closed to traffic in 1964.

South Fork Licking River Bridge (KY 177)

The KY 177 Bridge spanning the South Fork Licking River at Butler was constructed in 1936 as a Parker through truss.

South Fork Cumberland River Bridge (KY 92)

The concrete-girder KY 92 bridge crosses the South Fork Cumberland River at Yamacraw.

Tatham Springs Bridge (KY 1796)

Constructed in 1899, the Tatham Springs truss span was demolished in favor of a modern concrete bridge. The bridge carried KY 1796 over the Chaplin River.

Tebbs Bend Road Bridge

The Tebbs Bend Road Bridge is a nine-panel Pratt through truss located on Tebbs Bend Road Bridge in Taylor County. Constructed in 1920, the Green River crossing is in poor structural condition.

Turtle Creek Bridge

The Turtle Creek Bridge is located on Long Stretch Road in rural Bracken county west of Augusta. The span is a bowstring Pony truss.

University of the Cumberlands Arch Bridge

The University of the Cumberlands Arch Bridge was designed by Manley & Young and constructed by the L.W. Hancock company in 1920. It is located in Williamsburg.

Covered Bridges

Beech Fork Covered Bridge (Formerly KY 458)

The Beech Fork Covered Bridge is located over Beech Fork on former KY 458 in Washington County. Constructed in 1865 by Cornelius Barnes, the covered Burr arch-truss was bypassed in 1977. The two-span bridge was last rehabilitated in 1982.

Bennetts Mill Covered Bridge

The Bennetts Mill Covered Bridge is located in Greenup county.

Cabin Creek Covered Bridge

Cabin Creek Covered Bridge

The Cabin Creek Covered Bridge is a historic crossing in Lewis County east of Maysville.

Colville Covered Bridge

The Colville Covered Bridge carries Colville Road across Hinkston Creek in Bourbon county.

Dover Covered Bridge

Once carrying Kentucky State Route 3113 across Lees Creek near Dover in Mason county, the Dover Covered Bridge is one of the oldest remaining covered spans in the state.

Goddard Covered Bridge

The Goddard Covered Bridge is located across Sand Lick Creek in Goddard. The lattice truss covered bridge is 90 feet long and was listed on the National Register of Historic Places in 1975.

Hillsboro-Grange City Covered Bridge (Formerly KY 111)

The Hillsboro-Grange City Covered Bridge once carried KY 111 over Fox Creek in Fleming county. The 86-foot Burr truss containing multiple king posts was constructed in 1860.

Johnson Creek Covered Bridge

Johnson Creek Covered Bridge (Formerly KY 1029)

The Johnson Creek Covered Bridge crosses Johnson Creek in Robertson County, Kentucky. It formerly carried KY 1029. The covered span was constructed in 1874 and featured a 131-foot Smith truss.

Oldtown Covered Bridge

The Oldstown Covered Bridge crosses the Little Sandy River in rural Greenup county.

Ringos Mill Covered Bridge (Formerly KY 158)

Ringos Mill Covered Bridge is an 81-foot multiple King Post truss covered bridge that carried KY 158 across Fox Creek in rural Fleming county.

Switzer Covered Bridge (Formerly KY 1262)

This covered bridge carried KY 1262 over North Elkhorn Creek northeast of Frankfort. It was recently restored after being demolished in floods.

Valley Pike Covered Bridge

The Valley Pike Covered Bridge is located along Valley Pike Road north of Fernleaf. Constructed in 1864, this covered span features a 23-foot kingpost truss design and is the state’s shortest covered bridge.

Walcott Bridge (Formerly KY 1159)

The Walcott Covered Bridge spans Locust Creek in Walcott. The covered bridge was constructed in 1880 and formerly carried KY 1159.