Black Bridge

Black Bridge

Black Bridge is a rehabilitated Pratt through truss bridge over Catskill Creek in Catskill, New York. The wrought iron crossing was built in 1882 to serve the Catskill Mountain Railroad.

The Catskill Mountain Railroad was constructed in 1883 between Catskill Landing and Palenville, a distance of 15.75 miles. 1 From Catskill Village to South Cairo, the railroad occupied the bed of the former Canajoharie & Catskill Rail Road which had been abandoned in 1842.

The railroad was abandoned in 1918 and the Catskill Creek bridge was reused for automobiles and then pedestrians.

The bridge was restored in 2017 through a $2.24 million grant issued by the state in February 2014. 2

It serves the Catskill Trail Loop.

  • Total Length: 400 feet
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