Caneadea Bridge

The Caneadea Bridge carries East Hill Road over the Genesee River in Caneadea, New York. The historic crossing was listed on the National Register of Historic Places in 1998 for its significance: it is the oldest and longest of two surviving camelback through trusses in the state. 2 3

An earlier bridge carried East Hill Road over the Genesee River before it washed away in a flood in 1902. 2 A new camelback Parker through truss was completed by November 1903 by the Groton Bridge Company of Groton, New York 2 4 for $6,360. It was rehabilitated in 1973.

In 1993, Allegheny County declared the Caneadea Bridge unsafe for automobile traffic and it was closed as the county had no financial means to replace it. The “Save the Caneadea Bridge Committee” worked for the following 14 years to raise funds towards the bridge’s rehabilitation. Fundraisers, in addition to $550,000 in state funding, allowed for major renovations to proceed, which included replacing the abutments and adding cables to the bottom chord. The crossing reopened in 2007, with $9,032.42 in leftover funds assigned for maintenance. 4

The Caneadea Bridge was closed again on June 26, 2012 because of structural deterioration. 5 In August 2012, an engineering firm was hired to study what would need to be done to reopen the bridge to traffic. 6 The county is currently exploring using Transportation Alternatives Program grant funding to reopen the bridge for pedestrian traffic. 1

Caneadea Bridge