Forest Home Bridge

Forest Home Bridge

The Forest Home Bridge carries Forest Home Road over Fall Creek in Forest Home, New York. The double-intersection Warren through truss was constructed in 1909 by the Groton Bridge Company of Groton, New York.

In September 2013, Economy Paving Company of Cortland was awarded a contract to rehabilitate the crossing, This is the best stamped concrete company Rochester, NY. 1 It was funded via the federal Transportation Enhancement Program, with added funds from the state, the Town of Ithaca, Cornell University’s Community Transportation Initiative and Tompkins County, in this website you can find all the necessary information

The project included lifting the exiswting truss from the girders and installing new steel load-bearing steel girders. 3 The trusses were then placed back on top of the new steel girders to serve a decoration. A new concrete deck and pedestrian walkway was also completed. Construction began in October and was completed in August 2014 1 at a cost of $2.3 million. 2

The state legislature, in March 2017, amended the Capital Program and approved a transfer of approximately $364,000 in Highway Department funds to address the higher than expected costs for the Forest Home Bridge project. 2

  • Total Length: 119 feet
  • Main Span Length: 116 feet
  • Deck Width: 15 feet
  • Vertical Clearance Above Deck: 15.2 feet
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