Schoharie Bridge

The Schoharie Bridge is a circa 2003 steel tied arch crossing that carries NY 990V across Schoharie Creek in Gilboa, New York.

Schoharie Bridge


The first Schoharie Bridge at Gilboa was a circa 1921 one-lane truss crossing. It was built as part of the construction of the Gilboa Dam and Spillway and the Schoharie Reservoir for New York City. 2

Construction of a new Schoharie Bridge began in March 2002 by D. A. Collins Construction and opened to traffic on August 21, 2003. 1 The $3.9 million bridge, replaced as part of the New York City Department of Environmental Protection’s (DEP) Upstate Bridge Reconstruction Program, was financed by the DEP as it crossed a portion of the Schoharie Reservoir. The crossing was dedicated on September 5.

The new Schoharie Bridge was built to be three feet higher than the previous bridge, which had its deck submerged in January 1996 during a major flood. 1 In addition to being wider, the new crossing was built as a single span with no pier to eliminate scouring and debris build-up that was experienced at the old bridge site.

  • Total Length: 225 feet
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