Town Line Bridge

Town Line Bridge

Town Line Bridge is an endangered Lenticular through truss over the Otselic River on Town Line Road in Cortland County, New York. It is 13 extant examples of its type remaining in the state.

The bridge was constructed in 1888 by the Berlin Iron Bridge Company of East Berlin, Connecticut. 1 A pony truss was added to the east side by the Groton Bridge Company in 1903 to cross a spillway from an adjacent sawmill. The spillway, long abandoned, was reclaimed by nature and gradually filled in.

The construction was standard of the time, such as the fabrication being of wrought iron, with pin connections, and cast iron finials. The western abutment was later faced with concrete and the deck was last replaced in 1976. 1

Due to the structure’s deteriorating condition, it was closed to automobile traffic in 1990. 1 It remains open to pedestrians and snowmobiles, although the bridge is in imminent danger of failure. The western abutment is failing and causing the northwest end post to shift. The movement is causing the lower chord to bow.

  • Total Length: 125 feet
  • Main Span Length: 85 feet
  • Deck Width: 14 feet
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