Central Bridge (US 27)

The Central Bridge carries US 27 over the Ohio River between Newport, Kentucky and Cincinnati, Ohio.

Preliminary surveys of the Central Bridge was prepared by L. F. G. Bouscaren. A. H. Porter and F. C. Osborn, engineers of the King Bridge Company, with the King Bridge Company completing the final design.1 The crossing design consisted of a three-span cantilever through truss, two Pennsylvania-Petit trusses, a Pratt truss and a viaduct and was to include two trolley tracks, two sidewalks and a roadway. Construction began in 1890 by the General Railway and Bridge Company under the direction of the Ferris, Kaufman and Company and was finished in 1891.2

The Central Bridge was one of the earliest highway cantilever trusses in Kentucky and one of the longest bridges built by the King Bridge Company.1

The Central Bridge was demolished in 1992.1

  • Total LengthL 2,342 feet
  • Main Span Length: 518 feet
  • Vertical Clearance: 21 feet
  • Width: 17.1 feet
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