Lincoln Trail Bridge

The Lincoln Trail Bridge crosses the Ohio River between Cannelton, Indiana and Hawesville, Kentucky. It connects to IN 237 and KY 69.

The first crossing of the area was the Hawesville ferry, which opened in 1831 and was operated by the Hawes family.1 John Crammond leased the ferry rights in 1892, later operated by J.W. Pate of Cloverport in the 1920s and Earl Bettinger of Tell City in the 1930s. The service became known as the Hawesville and Cannelton and was the largest such ferry in the state of Kentucky.

Construction on the two-lane steel trussed through arch bridge began in June 1964 and was opened to traffic on December 21, 1966. The Hawesville and Cannelton ferry was subsequently discontinued.1

On November 17, 1974, the Lincoln Trail Bridge was given a secondary designation after Bob Cummings, who was the editor of the Cannelton News and a booster to Cannelton until his death on July 25, 1971.

The Lincoln Trail Bridge was tolled until the 1990s.

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  • Designation: IN 237, KY 69
  • Crosses: Ohio River
  • Bridge Type: Trussed through arch bridge with suspended deck
  • Total Length: 2,708 feet
  • Longest Span Length: 824.5 feet
  • Deck Width: 28 feet
  1. “Hawesville.” Hancock County, Kentucky. N.p., n.d. Web. 24 Feb. 2012. Article.

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