Ravenswood Bridge (US 33)

The Ravenswood Bridge carries US 33 over the Ohio River between Ravenswood, West Virginia and Ohio and was originally designated OH 824.

Constructed in 1981, the Cantilevered Warren through truss was designed to connect US 33 at Interstate 77 in West Virginia to a relocated US 33 in Meigs County. It connected to OH 338 until the super-two freeway US 33 relocation was completed from the Pomeroy bypass east to the Ravenswood Bridge in December 2003.1 Upon completion of the road, the OH 338 designation was decommissioned, as well as OH 824, and the US 33 designation was applied to the bridge.

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  • Designation: US 33, formerly OH 824
  • Crosses: Ohio River
  • Bridge Type: Cantilever truss
  • Total Length: 2,710 feet
  • Main Span Length: 900 feet
  1. “U.S. 33 ATHENS TO DARWIN RELOCATION COMPLETED.” Ohio Department of Transportation. N.p., 22 Oct.2004. Web. 6 Dec. 2011. Article.

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