Anthony Wayne Bridge (OH 2, OH 51, OH 65)

The Anthony Wayne Bridge, also referred to as the High Level Bridge, carries Ohio Route 2, 51, and 65 over the Maumee River in Toledo, Ohio. It is the last suspension bridge on the Ohio state highway network after the Fort Steuben Bridge was demolished on February 22, 2012.2 The crossing is named after General Anthony Wayne, a United States Army officer and statesman who had mounted an assault on the Indian confederacy at the Battle of Fallen Timbers in modern-day Maumee. It was a decisive victory for United States forces, ending the war and eventually leading to a treaty that gave most of what is now Ohio to the United States.

The firm Waddell & Hardesty, with the aid of Moisseiff and architect Cass Gilbert, designed the 3,215 feet suspension and it was constructed in 1931 1 for $2.6 million.4 It was notable for featuring the first notable plate girder spans in the United States at 9.8 feet deep.4 Other design elements included diagonally braced towers.

The span was last rehabilitated in 1961 and received major repairs in 1997-98 when some suspender cables were replaced, and its main suspension cables were wrapped with a weatherproofing material, and the deck resurfaced.2

The Ohio Department of Transportation (ODOT) has proposed to rehabilitate the Anthony Wayne Bridge in 2013 as part of a three-year, $50 million overhaul.2 ODOT has proposed replacing the first approach spans on either side of the suspension bridge with new two-span structures, replacing the deck, corrosion removal on the steel girders, cable repairs, and painting. The approach spans are Warren deck trusses and are fracture critical, which ODOT has proposed replacing with girders.

ODOT awarded the project to the E.S. Wagner Company of Oregon for $28.7 million.3

The bridge will be closed to traffic for 19 months from spring 2014 through 2015.3 When complete, the overhaul will keep the Anthony Wayne Bridge serviceable for an additional 50 years.2

  • Total Length: 3,215 feet
  • Main Span Length: 785 feet
  • Deck Width: 60 feet
  • Roadway Width: 54 feet
  • Height: 104 feet
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