Blaine Hill Viaduct (US 40)

The Blaine Hill Viaduct carries US 40 over Wheeling Creek in Blaine, Ohio.

The bridge replaced the Blaine Hill “S” Bridge, which at the time was carrying over 2,700 vehicles per day.3 Constructed from 1932 to 1933,2 3 the open-spandrel arch bridge was designed by David Henry Overman, who designed many other spans in the state.1

After World War II, the bridge was renamed to the Arches of Memory and dedicated to World War veterans.1 2

In 1964, Interstate 70 opened to through traffic just to the south of US 40, diverting much of the through traffic to the expressway.3 The viaduct was rehabilitated in 1982,1 when it was rededicated by the local American Legion and Belmont County Council.2

In 2011, the Blaine Hill Viaduct was extensively rehabilitated, which included painting the span in a cream-white color, rebuilding the bridge railings, installing a new bridge deck, and restoring the sidewalks and stairs.

  • Total Length: 754 feet
  • Main Span Length: 133 feet
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