Brubaker Covered Bridge

The Brubaker Covered Bridge is located over Sam’s Run on Brubaker Road (TR 328) in Preble County, Ohio.

The one-lane span on what was then Aukerman Creek Road was constructed in 1887 by Everett S. Sherman 1 at a cost of $986.The abutments were built by T.J. Smith for $1,422.2 The design of the bridge featured an entirely closed siding but was opened during a later renovation to allow for improved sight distances due to the curvature of the roadway approaches.

In 2001, due to deterioration of the covered bridge, the county Engineering Department began preliminary work on a renovation project.2 The project was initially approved for the National Historic Covered Bridge Preservation Program, for which 80% of the cost would be covered by federal funds. But due to the War in Iraq, the federal funds were withdrawn by the federal government despite its approval. But due to the efforts of Linda Bailiff of the Office of Local Assistance, the Ohio Department of Transportation agreed to provide $237,600 in state funding and $92,400 in PCEO funding for the renovation.

The Brubaker Covered Bridge was renovated in 2005 and 2006 by The Righter Company, Gresham Smith & Partners, and Vital Signs, with the final walk-through conducted on June 21, 2006.2 The weight limit on the crossing was subsequently raised from 5 tons to 12 tons.

  • Total Length: 88 feet
  • Main Span Length: 73.2 feet
  • Deck Width: 15 feet
  • Vertical Clearance Above Deck: 10 feet
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