Consolidated Road Underpass

The Consolidated Road Underpass for the Norfolk Southern Railroad is located in Preble County, Ohio south of Eaton.

Consolidated Road Underpass

The stone underpass was constructed in 1880 for the Eaton & Hamilton Railroad (E&H), later the Cincinnati, Hamilton & Dayton Railroad (CH&D) and eventually Conrail and Norfolk Southern. The E&H was chartered on February 8, 1847 to construct a line from the Richmond and Miami Railroad at Eaton southeast towards the CH&D north of Hamilton. The E&H used trackage rights into the city and south to New Miami. The E&H was opened to Eaton on July 1, 1852, and on April 30, 1866, was reorganized as the Cincinnati, Richmond and Chicago Railroad (CR&C) under the control of the CH&D.

The CR&C became part of the Pennsylvania Railroad’s Pittsburgh, Cincinnati and St. Louis Railroad, eventually just becoming the Pennsylvania Railroad’s New Castle District of the Lake Division (PRR).1 The PRR was eventually sold to the Norfolk & Western, which became the Norfolk Southern New Castle District.

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