Cox Covered Bridge

Cox Covered Bridge

The Cox Covered Bridge is located over Brushy Fork along Woodgeard Road in Vinton County, Ohio. Bypassed in 1992, it was restored in 2004.

The covered Queenpost through truss was constructed in 1884 by the Diltz & Steele Company. 1

In August 1992, the county Engineer’s office moved the covered bridge 20 feet north onto new concrete foundations. 1 The ends of the bridge were jacked up and metal runners were placed under them. Strips of plywood were laid down on both banks of the creek, nailed together and coated with grease. Steel cables were fastened to the runners under the ends of the bridge and attached to front loaders which pulled the bridge to the new site.

The Cox Covered Bridge was restored in 2004. 1 It was funded through a grant from the Ohio’s Hill Country Heritage Area and the Ohio Governor’s Office of Appalachia.

  • Total Length: 42 feet
  • Deck Width: 12.1 feet
  • Vertical Clearance Above Deck: 11.5 feet
  1. Informative sign.

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