Johnsville Bridge (Old US 42)

The Johnsville Bridge is an abandoned bridge that carried US 42 over the Cedar Fork Mohican River in Johnsville, Ohio.

Johnsville was laid out by John Ely and William H. Shauck on December 17, 1834, named after Ely. 2 The post office was named after Shauck, who had it established circa 1825 in his residence. 1 2

One of the first mills in the county was located along the river, built by Ely & Shauck around 1830. 2 The grist and saw mill also included two employee residences and a nearby church. A covered bridge crossed the river along the Mount Gilead-Lexington Road (later US 42).

The Mount Gilead-Lexington Road was first surveyed in 1812 between Delaware and Mansfield, but the route had been established years previous by other parties. 3 Another survey was conducted in 1817 and the state road became a mail route in 1820.

The covered bridge was replaced with a Pratt through truss in 1900. 5 The north approach was rebuilt in 1924 by Cohains Girkins. 4

The Johnsville Bridge was bypassed in 1950-51 when US 42 was realigned. 6 The Ohio Department of Transportation awarded a contract to the John Hill Construction Company of Lexington for $34,800.

After years of abandonment, the Johnsville Bridge is scheduled for demolition in 2017. 5