Mud Run Bridge (Dayton, Springfield & Urbana Electric Railway)

The Dayton, Springfield & Urbana Electric Railway Bridge carried the Dayton, Springfield & Urbana Electric Railway (DS&U) over Mud Run north of Fairborn, Ohio. The DS&U was a 40-mile interurban railroad that connected Urbana, Springfield, and Dayton.

The DS&U was a 40-mile interurban railroad that connected Urbana, Springfield and Dayton 3 and opened on February 14, 1900.4 In 1906, the DS&U was merged into the Indiana, Columbus & Eastern Traction Company (IC&E).2 The IC&E was leased to the Ohio Electric Railway (OE) in 1907, which operated the line until the OE’s dissolution in 1921.3

In 1919, a new alignment of the DS&U was constructed south of Medway which required a new bridge over Mud Run. It also offered a more direct connection to the New Carlisle branch.

The IC&E operated with financial difficulty throughout the 1920s and was merged into the Cincinnati & Lake Erie Railroad in 1929.3 The last run over the DS&U’s Dayton-Urbana line was on October 29, 1938.1

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