New River Bridge (CNO&TP)

The Cincinnati Southern New River Bridge is located in Scott County, Tennessee south of Oneida, and carried the Cincinnati, New Orleans and Texas Pacific Railway (CNO&TP, Cincinnati Southern).

The iron modified Fink truss crossing was constructed by T.F. Pyott of Chattanooga in 1879, and was 930-feet long with a 730-feet iron trestle and a 200-foot main span that included four masonry piers.1 A construction camp was located in what is now the community of New River.

The completion of the bridge and associated Tunnel 15 to the south finished the Cincinnati Southern.1 2b This alignment, from the Brimstone & New River Railroad south to Robbins, was bypassed and abandoned after phase four of a modernization project that began in 1961 eliminated the last of the small-bore tunnels along the CNO&TP.2a 2b 3a

On July 10, 1963 at 12:05 a.m., the new New River bridge was opened to traffic, and is 307 feet, 5 inches high, with a span length of 1,618 feet.2a It included 15,000 cubic yards of concrete for the piers and four million tons of steel.

The trackage and approach to the New River crossing was removed but the center span was kept in place.

  • Total Length: 930 feet
  • Main Span Length: 200 feet
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