West Virginia

Also see: Kanawha River, New River

Avis Bridge

Avis Bridge (Formerly WV 107)

The Avis Bridge in Hinton formerly carried WV 107 over the Chesapeake & Ohio Railroad.

Bluestone River Bridge (Norfolk Western Railroad Bluestone Branch)

The Norfolk Western Railroad Bluestone Branch crossing over the Bluestone River is a simple two span pony plate girder bridge in Bramwell. The Bluestone Branch was a 17-mile line that extended from Bluestone to Giatto, although the last regular service operated over the rails in 1984 when the last coal train left McComas via the Crane Creek Branch. The last train operated west of Coopers in 1996 when Norfolk Southern, the successor to the NW, delivered several cars to Bramwell for display at a rebuilt depot.

Buckeye Station Road Bridge (CR 219/15)

The Buckeye Station Road Bridge carries CR 219/15 over the Greenbrier River in Buckeye Station. Constructed in 1909 by the Ferris Bridge Company, the Pratt through truss is slated for replacement.

Calispell Ridge Road Bridge (CR 58)

The Calispell Ridge Road Bridge carries Calispell Ridge Road/CR 58 over Thirteenmile Creek. The six-panel Pratt through truss was constructed in 1904.

Cane Hill Road Bridge (CR 11/1)

The Cane Hill Road Bridge that carries Cane Hill Road/CR 11/1 over Eighteenmile Creek. The six-panel Pratt through truss was constructed in 1925.

Cheat Lake Bridge (Interstate 68)

The Cheat Lake crossing for Interstate 68 was constructed in 1976, and is a cantilevered Warren deck truss.

East Fork Greenbrier River Bridge (CR 250/2)

The East Fork Greenbrier River Bridge carries CR 250/2 over the East Fork Greenbrier River in Durbin and was constructed in 1895.

Gandy Creek Bridge

Located along Randolph County Route 29 between Gandy and Whitmer, this simple Pratt truss crosses Gandy Creek and connects the state maintained highway to a farm. It was built in 1900 by the Canton Bridge Company of Canton, Ohio, and is remarkable for its wooden bridge deck and log substructure.

Grant Street Bridge

The Grant Street Bridge is located on Grant Street in Bluefield and crosses the Norfolk Southern Railroad Bluefield Yard. The two Warren trusses were completed in 1941 by the Virginia Bridge Company of Roanoke, Virginia.

Ice’s Ferry Bridge (CR 857)

Ice’s Ferry Bridge was a four-span through truss bridge over Cheat Lake in Cheat Lake.

Kate Hewltt Bridge

The Kate Hewltt Bridge carries CR 20/20 over the Bluestone River in Bramwell. Constructed in 1915, the two span pony truss was recently rehabilitated and designated a historic crossing.

Koontz Bridge (Nicholas, Fayette & Greenbrier Railway)

The Koontz Bridge is located in Fayette County over the Gauley River, and served the Nicholas, Fayette & Greenbrier Railroad.

Little Kanawha River Bridge (Baltimore & Ohio Railroad)

The Baltimore & Ohio Railroad’s Little Kanawha River Bridge was Parkersburg’s second railroad span. Work began on the 300-foot truss in 1883 and was completed in 1887.

Locust Creek Bridge (CR 20)

The Locust Creek Bridge carries CR 20 over Locust Creek in Pocahontas County. Constructed in 1921 by Withrow McClintic, the arch bridge is in the process of being replaced.

Locust Road Bridge (CR 66)

The Locust Road Bridge carries Locust Road/CR 66 over Thirteenmile Creek. The six-panel Pratt through truss was constructed in 1900.

Martha Truss Bridge

The Martha Truss Bridge carried Martha Road over the Guyandotte River in Martha.

Mill Creek Bridge (Chesapeake & Ohio Railroad Hawks Nest Subdivision)

The Chesapeake & Ohio Railroad Hawks Nest Subdivision bridge over Mill Creek near Ansted was completed in 1874 as a wooden truss. The span was rebuilt in 1899.

Milton Truss Bridge

The Milton Truss Bridge is located in Milton and carried a former alignment of US 60.

Ona Bridge

The Ona Bridge carried CR 17 over the Mud River in Ona.

River Road Bridge (CR 250/2)

The River Road Bridge carries CR 250/2 over the East Fork Greenbrier River in Durbin.

Shavers Fork Bridge (CR 250/4)

The Shavers Fork Bridge carries CR 250/4 over Shavers Fork at Cheat Bridge and was constructed in 1912 by the Canton Bridge Company of Canton, Ohio.

Shavers Fork Bridge (US 250, WV 92)

The Shavers Fork Bridge carries US 250 and WV 92 over Shavers Fork at Cheat Bridge. The crossing was fabricated by the Pittsburgh Des Moines Steel Company of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania and was erected by Monty Brothers of Charleston in 1934.

Shavers Fork Bridge (West Virginia Central & Pittsburg Railway)

The West Virginia Central & Pittsburg Railway Shavers Fork Bridge is located in Parsons and was originally completed for the West Virginia Central & Pittsburg Railway in 1888. In 2011, the bridge was reopened for use as a rail-to-trail.

Tygart Valley River Bridge (CR 37)

The Tygart Valley River Bridge carries CR 37 over the Tygart Valley River south of Valley Bend. Constructed in 1900 by the Canton Bridge Company of Canton, Ohio, the Pratt through truss was rehabilitated in 1993.

U.S. Route 219 and West Virginia Route 55 Overpass (Western Maryland Railroad)

The US 219 and WV 55 Overpass carried Western Maryland Railroad and CSX over UU 219 and WV 55 north of Slaty Fork. The pony plate girder was built in 1904 by the American Bridge Company of New York.

Covered Bridges

Locust Creek Covered Bridge

The Locust Creek Covered Bridge crosses Locust Creek in Pocahontas County and was recently restored.

Milton Covered Bridge

The Milton Covered Bridge is the only remaining span of its type in Cabell County and is also the only example of a Howe Truss in the state.

Phillipi Covered Bridge (Business US 250)

The Phillipi Covered Bridge carries US 250 across the Tygart River in Phillipi. Designed by Lemuel Chenoweth in 1852, it is one of the oldest and most prominent covered spans in the United States.

Sharp's Kissing Bridge

Sharp’s Kissing Bridge

Sharp’s Kissing Bridge is located over Big Spring Fork of Elk River in Slaty Fork and was constructed by Ken Gibson in 2005. The covered multiple kingpost truss on steel deck beam is dedicated to Dave Sharp.