Kanawha River Bridge (Baltimore & Ohio Railroad)

The Baltimore & Ohio Railroad Bridge, connecting Point Pleasant and Henderson, West Virginia over the Kanawha River, was built for the Ohio River Railroad (OR). The rail line on the eastern side of the Ohio River was completed between Wheeling and Point Pleasant on January 6, 1887, and from Point Pleasant south to Guyandotte in April 1888, which included the construction of a continuous through truss over the Kanawha River. The line later became part of the Baltimore & Ohio Railroad.

In 1947, the original OR bridge was replaced with a parker camelback truss.1

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  • Designation: CSX, formerly Baltimore & Ohio Railroad, Ohio River Railroad
  • Crosses: Kanawha River
  • Bridge Type: Parker camelback truss
  1. Bolte, Jason. “River City.” Point Pleasant. Charleston: Arcadia, 2007. 66. Print.

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