Drumanard Tunnel

    Harrods Creek Tunnel Rendering

    The Drumanard Tunnel carries Interstate 265 under the historic Drumanard Estate in Harrods Creek near Louisville, Kentucky.


    The Ohio River Bridges Project, a multi-state project to relieve traffic congestion in the Louisville region, involved the construction of the Abraham Lincoln Bridge for six lanes of northbound Interstate 65 traffic, the renovation of the adjoining Kennedy Memorial Bridge for six lanes of southbound Interstate 65 traffic, and the construction of the Lewis and Clark Bridge and Harrods Creek Tunnel for Interstate 265.

    The Drumanard Tunnel, a component of the East End Bridge project, was proposed to pass underneath the historic Dumanard Estate via two six-lane tubes. 3

    The Say No to Bridge Tolls group requested to the Kentucky Heritage Council on June 16 that the historic Drumanard estate be de-listed from the National Register of Historic Places in a bid to lower the cost of the entire project by eliminating the tunnel under the Drumanard estate. 4 The anti-toll group noted that the estate was “not architecturally or historically significant” and that it included a wooded area that did “not have met the criteria for listing.”

    The property was listed on the register in 1983. 4 The register boundaries were expanded in 1992 and included landscaping designed by the firm Frederick Law Olmsted, but that it was completed 26 years after Olmstead’s death. The Cultural Landscape Foundation in Washington, D.C. noted that the landscaping was designed by Olmstead’s son and that any de-listing would “get the ball rolling” on other de-listing proposals for the sake that they are in the wrong location. The de-listing proposal did not move forward.

    The Indiana Finance Authority and the Indiana Department of Transportation (INDOT) took the lead on the $763 million East End Bridge project, which included the construction of a 2,500-foot cable-stayed bridge, 19 related bridge structures, a 1,700-foot tunnel, and seven miles of new interstate roadway. 1

    INDOT awarded the public-private partnership project as a design, build, operate, maintain and finance to WVB East End Partners, which comprised of Walsh Investors of Chicago, VINCI Concessions of Paris, and Bilfinger Project Investments of Germany. 1 It was decided early-on to toll the crossing to create a defined funding source.

    WVB began construction of the Harrods Creek Tunnel in June 2013, which was excavated using a drill-and-blast method. 1 The tunnel opened to traffic on December 18, 2016. 2



    • State: Kentucky
    • Route: Interstate 265
    • Type: Tunnel
    • Status: Active - Automobile
    • Total Length: 1,700 feet


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