Fourteen Mile Creek Bridge (Formerly Nabb/New Washington Road)

Fourteen Mile Creek Bridge (Formerly Nabb/New Washington Road)

The former Nabb/New Washington Road, a riveted Pratt through truss across Fourteen Mile Creek in rural Clark County, Indiana, was built of steel by the Cambria Steel Company of Johnstown, Pennsylvania. The crossing was bypassed in 1981.


  • State: Indiana
  • Route:
  • Type: Pratt Through Truss
  • Status:
  • Total Length: 110 feet
  • Truss Height:


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  1. From 2007-17, I was fortunate enough to live in the old house overlooking this bridge (house deed says it was built in 18_ _?) The bridge was also ours for those 10 years. We called the place Rusty Bridge Farm. There should be some photos available through the Rusty Bridge FB page. Many of the locals had different names for it and stories of crossing it in school buses etc.. We have a lot of great memories about this bridge. I hope it remains as viewed in these pictures long after I have left the planet. I have seen water over the decking once and neighbors said it did the same once in 1996. It’s private property, but an amazing bridge to cross, sit on, swim beneath, or just dream about.

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