Heidelberg Railroad Bridge

    Heidelberg Bridge (RNI&B)

    The Heidelberg Bridge carried a branch of the Richmond, Nicholasville, Irvine and Beattyville Railroad (RNI&B, Riney-B) over the Kentucky River in Heidelberg, Kentucky.

    The 2.98-mile RNI&B Sturgeon Creek Branch was built by the Kentucky Coal Development Company between Heidelberg to Ida May via Sturgeon Creek between March 1907 to January 1908. 1 It eventually became a part of the Louisville & Nashville Railroad as it provided a connection to the Kentucky, Rockcastle & Cumberland Railroad. A lack of revenue traffic caused the branch to be discontinued on April 13, 1935.

    The Kentucky River crossing was converted for automobile use until a new structure was constructed in 1968.


    • State: Kentucky
    • Route: Richmond, Nicholasville, Irvine & Beattyville Railroad
    • Type: Through Truss
    • Status: Demolished - Not Replaced


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