Stone Creek Tunnel (Cleveland & Marietta Railway)

The Stone Creek Tunnel is located along the former Cleveland & Marietta Railway (C&M) in Stone Creek, Ohio. Built in 1874, the tunnel was taken out of service in May 1976.

The C&M’s earliest predecessor is the Marietta & Pittsburg Railroad, formed on September 29, 1868 2 with the goal of connecting Marietta and Dennison.4 The mainline was constructed from Marietta north to Macksburg in 1871, and to Newcomerstown and Canal Dover (Dover) in June 1874.2 6  On December 7, 1873, the company was reorganized to the Marietta, Pittsburg & Cleveland Railway.2 It was put into receivership on August 5, 1875, reincorporating on May 29, 1879 as the Cleveland & Marietta Railroad (C&M). The C&M made an arrangement in September 1882 to use the Cleveland & Pittsburgh Railroad (C&P) from Canal Dover to Zoar.1 The railroad was quitclaimed in April 1883; one-third was allocated to the Junction & Terminal property at Valley Junction while two-thirds went to the W≤2 the entirely of the C&M was then operated as a branch of the W&LE.1

The railroad was once again in receivership on February 2, 1885, where it was reorganized on July 2, 1886 as the Cleveland & Marietta Railway (C&M).2 The C&M eventually became a part of the Pennsylvania Railroad’s Marietta Branch (PRR). In 1968, the PRR merged with the New York Central (NYC) to form the Penn Central Railroad (PC).3 In 1976, PC became part of Conrail and on May 1, 1976, the last train rolled over the line from Marietta to Dover.