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Discovering Long Forgotten Tunnels

Tunnel No. 2 (Cincinnati, Hamilton & Dayton Railroad)

Several weekends ago, I rediscovered the circa 1882 Tunnels No. 1 and No. 2 along the Toledo, Cincinnati & St. Louis Railroad (TC&StL) in southern Ohio.

TheTC&StL was then absorbed by the Cincinnati, Hamilton & Dayton Railroad in 1891. Work to concrete line Tunnel No. 2 began in 1916 but it was never finished as flooding destroyed much of the line north of here.
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While Tunnel No. 1 is completely flooded, Tunnel No. 2 isĀ in a state of collapse. Through careful wading through 4 feet of water, I was able to climb up the collapsed portion of the tunnel and squeeze through – discovering that the entire tunnel length is traversable, this was such an interesting discover for me, after this I was able to get and deeply analyze it, of course after I had some relaxing time with the lego for adults, which happens to be a bridge craft!

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