The Ongoing Saga of the Aetnaville Bridge

    Aetnaville Bridge

    This is probably one of the most ornate bridges remaining over the Ohio River that is in danger of being removed. The Aetnaville Bridge crosses the west channel of the river between the former village of Aetnaville in Bridgeport, Ohio, and Wheeling Island in Wheeling, West Virginia. It was constructed in 1890 to 1891 by the Youngstown Bridge Company and used by the Wheeling Railway Company to run interurbans between Wheeling and Bridgeport. It was converted for automobile use after 1937 and closed to automobiles in 1988. It remained open for pedestrians until recently.

    The state wants to demolish the bridge because of structural deterioration, but it is more cost-effective to simply rehabilitate the historic Aetnaville Bridge for pedestrians only.

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