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Bathing a Bridge in LED Light

Oakley Clark Collins Memorial Bridge

In a prior post about the Oakley Clark Collins Memorial Bridge, I lamented about the light pollution generated from the structure’s massive LED lights that point upward. It also seemed to be a waste of taxpayer dollars to bathe a structure in light when cheaper options exist to selectively light up the towers and cables. But my opinion seemed to be unpopular in an area that seemed to appreciate the nod to the predecessor to the Collins Bridge’s color—which was a shade of light blue.

The blue hue has grown on me in the years since the bridge opened, acting as a beacon that tells me that I am close to home. I still detest the light pollution that I see 20 miles away along the Industrial Parkway or in the hills of the Wayne National Forest, but I am hoping that in the years to come, the state of Ohio, which maintains the crossing, can take a look at revising the lighting plan.

The Collins Memorial Bridge is a cable-stayed suspension crossing of the Ohio River between Ironton, Ohio, and Russell, Kentucky. It opened in November 2016 and replaced the Ironton-Russell Bridge.

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