Spengler Bridge

The Spengler Bridge is a historic Pratt through truss over Kinderhook Creek on Spengler Road in Columbia County, New York. It was constructed in 1880 by the Morse Bridge Company of Youngstown, Ohio. 1

The crossing was named after Henry Cones Spengler, a Chatham County highway engineer. 1

The county considered the Spengler Bridge for demolition in May 1968 over the bridge deck’s poor condition. 3 At the time, the bridge connected to a semi-abandoned roadway. Restoration of the bridge was completed in 1977.

As of October 1989, the bridge was closed to automobile traffic and had a posted weight limit of four horses, single file. 2

The Spengler Bridge is most likely the only example built by the Morse Bridge Company remaining in New York. 3 The company formed in 1878, was soon reincorporated as the Youngstown Bridge Company which was in business until 1900.