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Spengler Bridge

Spengler Bridge

The Spengler Bridge is a historic Pratt through truss over Kinderhook Creek on Spengler Road in Columbia County, New York.

The Spengler Bridge was constructed in 1880 by the Morse Bridge Company of Youngstown, Ohio. It was named after Henry Cones Spengler, a Chatham County highway engineer.

The county considered the bridge’s demolition in May 1968 over the roadway deck’s poor condition. 3 At the time, the crossing connected to a partly abandoned roadway. Instead, the bridge was renovated for pedestrians in 1977 and had a posted weight limit of four horses, single-file as of October 1989. 2

The Spengler Bridge is most likely the only example built by the Morse Bridge Company remaining in New York. 3 The company, formed in 1878, was soon reincorporated as the Youngstown Bridge Company which remained in business until 1900.


  • State: New York
  • Route: Spengler Road
  • Type: Pratt Through Truss
  • Status: Active - Pedestrian
  • Total Length: 140 feet
  • Spans:
  • Deck Width: 17.2 feet


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