Eggner’s Ferry Bridge

    Eggner’s Ferry Bridge Rendering

    The Eggner’s Ferry Bridge carries US Route 68 and KY Route 80 across Kentucky Lake between Trigg and Marshall County, Kentucky.

    As part of the four-lane upgrades of US Route 68 and KY Route 80 in southern Kentucky, Eggner’s Ferry Bridge was slated for replacement with a four-lane crossing.

    The bridge selection process began in mid-2007, which included an arch, girder, conventional truss, and cable-stay designs. 4 A tied-arch design unique to the state was selected on July 14, 2009, which would include four 11-foot travel lanes and an eight-foot pedestrian and cycling path. 1

    The construction of the causeway and a new bridge over a lagoon on the west side of Kentucky Lake began by Jim Smith Contracting of Grand Rivers in May 2013. 14 16 Work on the new Eggner’s Ferry Bridge began by Johnson Brothers Construction of Fort Worth, Texas in February 2014. 12 15

    A groundbreaking ceremony for the new Eggner’s Ferry Bridge, attended by Governor Steve Beshear and other state and local leaders, was held on September 10. 15 The 550-foot, five-million-pound central arch span, built off-site, was lifted into place on December 1, 2015. 12

    The new Eggner’s Ferry Bridge opened to traffic at the cost of $133 million 13 on April 8, 2016. 11


    • State: Kentucky
    • Route: US Route 68, KY Route 80
    • Type: Tied Arch
    • Status: Active - Automobile
    • Main Span Length: 550 feet
    • Deck Width: 74.5 feet
    • Height: 110 feet


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