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Fayette Station Bridge

Fayette Station Bridge

The Fayette Station Bridge carries WV County Route 82 over the New River between the ghost towns of Fayette and South Fayette, West Virginia.

The Fayette Station Bridge was constructed in 1889 to replace a ferry over the New River that connected two burgeoning coal mining communities founded in 1873 along the Chesapeake & Ohio Railway.

In 1978, less than one year after the New River Gorge Bridge carrying US Route 19 over the New River was completed, the Fayette Station Bridge was closed to vehicular traffic because of structural issues. 1 At the time of its closure, the bridge carried WV Route 82. 2 Reconstruction of the bridge occurred between 1997-98 which required the reconstruction of some steel members, the renovation of the piers, and the installation of a new roadway deck. Two pedestrian walkways were also added. The reconstructed crossing was rededicated as the Tunney Hansaker Bridge on November 8, 1998.


  • State: West Virginia
  • Route: WV County Route 82
  • Type: Pennsylvania Through Truss
  • Status: Active - Automobile
  • Total Length: 420 feet
  • Main Span Length: 278 feet
  • Spans:
  • Deck Width: 14.5 feet


  1. Guide sign at Fayette Station Bridge.
  2. Powell, Brian M. E-mail.

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