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Hillsboro Covered Bridge

Hillsboro Covered Bridge

The Hillsboro Covered Bridge, also known as the Hillsboro-Grange City Covered Bridge, is a covered Burr arch truss over Fox Creek in Fleming County, Kentucky.

Constructed circa late-1860’s based upon a design by Theodore Burr’s 1814 truss design that utilized multiple kingposts, the Hillsboro Covered Bridge featured yellow pine timber with double-shouldered braces. 1 It was bypassed in 1968 when a new alignment of KY Route 111 was completed.


  • State: Kentucky
  • Route: KY Route 111
  • Type: Covered Burr Arch truss
  • Status: Active - Pedestrian
  • Total Length: 94 feet
  • Spans:


  1. Johnson, John. Hillsboro Covered Bridge. Washington: United States Department of the Interior, 1975. Print.

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