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Lynchburg Covered Bridge

Lynchburg Covered Bridge

The Lynchburg Covered Bridge is a covered Long truss over the East Fork Little Miami River in Lynchburg, Ohio.


Sealed bids were requested for a covered bridge over the East Fork Little Miami River in Lynchburg on October 11, 1869, which was built by local bridge builder John C. Gregg of Hillsboro in December 1870 at the cost of $3,138.66.

In 1963, plans were made to remove the bridge and replace it with a conventional uncovered crossing. A letter-writing campaign for its preservation, with the backing of Ohio Governor James A. Rhodes, led the Highland County Board of Commissioners to agree to let the covered bridge to remain in place. A new crossing of the East Fork Little Miami River was built elsewhere in 1969, and the Lynchburg Covered Bridge was converted into a pedestrian-only crossing.

In 1974, high winds ripped most of the roof off of the bridge and damaged some of the structural elements. Materials for repairs were donated soon afterward, and the Lynchburg Historical Foundation launched a fundraising campaign for additional work that was needed. Over $6,000 was raised and the bridge’s renovation was completed by volunteers.

The Lynchburg Covered Bridge was listed on the National Register of Historic Places on March 16, 1976. It remained one of eight surviving covered Long truss bridges in the state at the time of the designation. 1

The bridge was extensively rehabilitated between July 2003 and June 2005. 2



  • State: Ohio
  • Route: High Street
  • Type: Covered Long Truss
  • Status: Active - Pedestrian
  • Total Length: 120 feet
  • Spans:


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