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Newcomerstown Tunnel

Newcomerstown Tunnel (Cleveland & Marietta Railway)

The abandoned Newcomerstown Tunnel is located along the former Cleveland & Marietta Railway south of Newcomerstown, Ohio.

The C&M’s earliest predecessor is the Marietta & Pittsburg Railroad, formed to connect Marietta and Dennison 4 on September 29, 1868. 2 The mainline was constructed from Marietta north to Macksburg in 1871, and to Newcomerstown and Canal Dover (Dover) in June 1874, which included the boring of the Newcomerstown Tunnel. 2 6  On December 7, 1873, the company was reorganized to the Marietta, Pittsburg & Cleveland Railway. 2 It was put into receivership on August 5, 1875, reincorporating as the Cleveland & Marietta Railroad (C&M) on May 29, 1879. The C&M made an arrangement in September 1882 to use the Cleveland & Pittsburgh Railroad (C&P) from Canal Dover to Zoar. 1 The railroad was quitclaimed in April 1883; one-third was allocated to the Junction & Terminal property at Valley Junction while two-thirds went to the W≤ 2 the entirely of the C&M was then operated as a branch of the W&LE. 1

The railroad was once again in receivership on February 2, 1885, where it was reorganized as the Cleveland & Marietta Railway (C&M) on July 2, 1886. 2 The C&M eventually became a part of the Pennsylvania Railroad’s Marietta Branch (PRR). In 1968, the PRR merged with the New York Central (NYC) to form the Penn Central Railroad (PC), 3 which became a part of Conrail on May 1, 1976.

Conrail elected not to utilize PC’s Marietta to Dover alignment, and the route, including the Newcomerstown Tunnel, was dismantled.


  • State: Ohio
  • Route: Marietta, Pittsburg & Cleveland Railway / Penn Central Railroad
  • Type: Tunnel
  • Status: Abandoned / Closed
  • Spans:


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25 thoughts on “Newcomerstown Tunnel”

    1. Find River street in Newcomerstown, Ohio Cross Tuscaroras river turn left onto Johnson hill road . go 2/10 mile turn in to aep substation walk about 2 mile straight back on old C & M railroad bed . It is private property so you are on your own

      1. While this tunnel is near Newcomerstown, the actual name of it is the Post Boy Tunnel. It is because the station just south of the tunnel on the C&M was Post Boy. The name comes from the legend of the post boy who was robbed and killed not to far away from where the C&M railroad was built. Also, not to far away from the railroad is where the post boy’s killer was hung from a tree. the tree is now dead but I can remember it when I was a little kid. If you find the road of Post Boy just of Johnson Hill Road and start down the hill, the site of the tree is about 3/4 the way down on a curve to the right… It was a massive old oak tree that hung over the road. If you get to the bottom of the hill you will find where the railroad bed crosses the road. A right turn down the railroad will take you to the tunnel, however this is all private property and there is no public access.

        1. I was there 25 years ago with my dad I would love to get permission to go check it out again my dad is from Newcomerstown

      2. Is this the Post Boy tunnel? Do you have info and photos of the other tunnels on this line besides the one at Stonecreek?

      3. There is a railroad tunnel between Guernsey and Kimbolton in Guernsey County. And a tunnel near Ava in Noble County. Both on C&M/Pennsylvania railroad.

      4. Does anyone know of any info on two additional tunnels adjacent to each other on the same line, if you follow the old rail grade remnants south to just above Kimbolton, Ohio? One looks to be a bypass spur loop around the other westerly more direct north-south run. I read mention of a Newcomerstown Tunnel and saw a photo, but no location other than “south of Newcomerstown.” I discovered all three locations on topographical maps, as it is often very easy to pick out the old rail grades on topographical hybrid maps, and spot the mouths of the tunnels even.

        1. Is that tunnel still open (not collapsed/blocked)? There looks to be another tunnel directly west of there a short ways, a bit east of 8th Street Rd, but I haven’t visited any of these. Driven past that dozens of times as well as the more well known one just south of Newcomerstown, but never had the time to explore.

      5. I just visited Newcomerstown and Bird Run today. Bird Run is dry as a bone. Curved tunnel and in great shape. Go in from Plum Rd. Didn’t know of a third tunnel.

        1. Please do not give the location of the Kimbolton tunnel it is on private property and has been damaged by vandals. I own the tunnel and will grant permission if asked.

        1. The old tunnel east of Mineral City was destroyed during strip mining operations probably 30 or more years ago. I went looking for it and talked to a man chopping wood along the road who told me where it was.

      6. The Kimbolton tunnel is on private property which I own. There is no trespassing without permission which is given if asked. Please do not give out the location because the tunnel has been vandalized.

        1. Hi Todd. My friend and I are planning to hike some areas in Newcomerstown and surrounding area. We are always interested in abandoned railroads and their history. Is there a chance we could gain permission to explore the tunnel or the entrance of the funnel? We would be in the area around May 14, 2022.

          Thank you.


      7. Scott,
        Thank you for asking unfortunately the timing is not the best. May is turkey season and my family and I will be hunting in the area surrounding the tunnel. If you could push it back until after May 22 I would be happy to give you permission to explore. Again thank you for asking because there are those that don’t ask and if I catch them or my neighbors see them the sheriff will be called and they will be sited with trespassing.

      8. Hi Todd. My friend and I are still planning a trip to the Coshocton area this weekend (May 14-15). I just wanted to check again just to see if we were able to hike to the entrance of the tunnel near Newcomerstown, unless you’re still planning to hunt this weekend. Thanks for getting back to me.


      9. Hey Todd. I emailed your account. It may have gone to spam. We’re going to be hiking in the Newcomerstown area today and Sunday. Let me know if it’s possible for us to check out the tunnel entrance. Thank you. We appreciate it.

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