Nuttallburg Suspension Bridge

    Nuttallburg Suspension Bridge

    The Nuttallburg Suspension Bridge is a collapsed wire suspension bridge over the New River in Nuttalburg, West Virginia.

    To connect with additional housing in South Nuttall across the New River, a suspension bridge, built by the John A. Roebling Sons Company of New York, was built in 1897. 2 In 1958, coal mining ceased at Nuttallburg, 1 3 and the town, including the bridge, slowly faded away. The Nuttall family, who owned the site, transferred ownership of Nuttallburg to the National Park Service (NPS) for inclusion in the New River Gorge National River in 1998. 3


    • State: West Virginia
    • Route: N/A
    • Type: Wire Suspension
    • Status: Abandoned / Closed


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