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Old Lake Barkley Bridge

Lake Barkley Bridge (US 68, KY 80)

The old Lake Barkley Bridge carried US Route 68 and KY Route 80 across Lake Barkley near Cadiz in Trigg County, Kentucky. It was named after Henry R. Lawrence, a western Kentucky reporter who had long advocated for good roads across the state.

The old Lake Barkley Bridge, designed by J.M. Johnson and constructed by the Vincennes Bridge Company of Vincennes, Indiana, opened to traffic on March 25, 1932. 1 2

The crossing was funded by the Murphy Toll Bridge Act that was passed by the Kentucky legislature in 1928. 3 The Act allowed the State Department of Highways to erect highway bridges across the state and allowed the state to sell construction bonds that would be paid back by tolls.

The bridge was closed to traffic because of the construction of Lake Barkley in 1962. As part of the project, the crossing was raised 10½ feet. 3 During the closure, a ferry was established. The raised Lawrence Bridge reopened in December 1963.

The circa 1932 Lake Barkley Bridge was closed in May 2016 and was demolished via explosives on July 25, replaced by a modern four-lane tied-arch bridge11 The circa 2012 truss was salvaged for reuse elsewhere.


  • State: Kentucky
  • Route: US Route 68, KY Route 80
  • Type: Pratt Pony Truss, Parker Through Truss
  • Status: Demolished - Replaced
  • Total Length: 3,104 feet
  • Main Span Length: 321 feet
  • Spans:
  • Deck Width: 20 feet
  • Above Vertical Clearance: 18 feet


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