Shelby Bottoms Railroad Bridge

Cumberland River Bridge (Louisville & Nashville Railroad)

The Shelby Bottoms Railroad Bridge carries CSX Railroad, formerly the Louisville & Nashville Railroad (L&N), over the Cumberland River in Nashville, Tennessee. It was built so that the L&N’s freight trains could bypass downtown and Union Station.

The substructure and steel erection was handled by the Foster-Creighton-Gould Company of Nashville and the steel superstructure was erected by the American Bridge Company of New York. The approximate 3,000-foot crossing, including the 300-foot main Camelback through truss span, three 200-foot Warren through truss spans, and three 135-foot deck truss spans, was completed in the fall of 1913.


  • State:
  • Route: CSX
  • Type: Camelback through truss, Warren through truss
  • Status: Active - Railroad
  • Total Length: 3,000 feet
  • Main Span Length: 300 feet
  • Spans:
    • Main Cambleback Through Truss Span: 300 feet
    • Three Warren Through Truss Spans: 200 feet each
    • Three Deck Truss Spans: 135 feet each


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