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Teegarden Covered Bridge

Teegarden Covered Bridge

The Teegarden Covered Bridge is a covered multiple Kingpost through truss over the Middle Fork of the Little Beaver Creek on Eagleton Road in Columbiana County, Ohio. It is named after U. Teegarden, a landowner who lived nearby.

A construction contract was awarded to Jeremiah C. Mountz in June 1875. 1 In 1876, a contract for stonework was awarded to David Reese, and painting of the superstructure was awarded to George W. Akin.

The covered bridge was bypassed in 1992, restored in 2003, and added to the National Register of Historic Places in August 2010. 1


  • State: Ohio
  • Route: Eagleton Road
  • Type: Covered Kingpost Truss
  • Status: Active - Pedestrian
  • Total Length: 67 feet
  • Spans:
  • Deck Width: 11.2 feet
  • Above Vertical Clearance: 9 feet


  1. Historic marker.

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