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Wertz Covered Bridge

Wertz Covered Bridge

The Wertz Covered Bridge is a covered Burr arch truss over Tulpehocken Creek in Berks County, Pennsylvania. It is the longest single-span covered bridge in the state.

The Wertz Covered Bridge was constructed in 1867 by Amandas Knerr for $7,450. 1 It utilized the Burr arch truss, a series of uprights and diagonals between a pair of arches. Adjacent to the crossing was a small wooden farm bridge built to cross the Union Canal during its operation between 1827 and 1884.

In March 1959, an automobile crashed into the Spring Township side of the entrance, cracking some support breams and knocking the bridge off center. 1 The bridge was repaired between April 10 and August 3, but ultimately closed to all automobile traffic on October 23.

Because of its significance as the longest covered bridge in the state, and because it was one of five remaining covered bridges in the county, the Wertz Covered Bridge was listed on the National Register of Historic Places in 1978.

The bridge was restored between June and December 1984, which included stripping the bridge down to its skeleton and removing the tin roof and rotted timbers. 1 New cedar boards were installed onto the frame, steel rods with turnbuckles fastened under the flooring for added strength, and a new roof of cedar shake shingles was added.


  • State: Pennsylvania
  • Route: Red Bridge Road
  • Type: Covered Burr Arch truss
  • Status: Active - Pedestrian
  • Total Length: 218 feet
  • Spans:


  1. Interpretive sign.

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