Wheeling Stone Arch Bridge

    Wheeling Stone Arch Bridge

    The historic Wheeling Stone Arch Bridge carries WV Route 2 and Main Street over Wheeling Creek in Wheeling, West Virginia.


    Designed by F. L. Hoge and A. L. White to replace a collapsed bridge, the construction of the stone arch crossing began by Paige, Carey & Company of New York City on November 3, 1891. 1 To build the arch, a temporary wooden arch consisting of 250,000 feet of lumber was erected to serve as a foundation to support the stones used to construct the permanent arch superstructure. 1 2 The 771 rocks used in the construction were quarried and cut at 29th and Eoff Streets.

    Shortly after the keystone was placed on December 18, 1 the timber frame was removed and the bridge opened to traffic in early 1892. 2 At 159 feet in length, it was the longest single-span stone arch bridge in the country.


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    • State: West Virginia
    • Route: WV Route 2
    • Type: Stone Arch
    • Status: Active - Automobile
    • Total Length: 232 feet
    • Deck Width: 30 feet
    • Height: 28.5 feet


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