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Fort Henry Bridge Aerials

Fort Henry Bridge

Following up from the aerials of the adjoining Wheeling Suspension Bridge are new aerials of the Fort Henry Bridge which carries Interstate 70 and US Routes 40 and 250 over the main channel of the Ohio River in Wheeling, West Virginia. Originally named the Ninth Street Bridge, the Fort Henry Bridge was proposed to relieve traffic on the Wheeling Suspension Bridge and the Ohio Street Bridge.

It was dedicated in 1955 and initially carried four lanes of US Routes 40 and 250 from Wheeling Island to downtown Wheeling. With the advent of the federal Interstate Highway System in 1957, plans were formed to construct a four-lane tunnel through Wheeling Hill, along with a viaduct over Wheeling Island and a bridge over the backchannel of the Ohio River to connect the bridge to Ohio. With the completion of the Wheeling Tunnel and the viaduct in 1966, the Interstate 70 designation was applied onto the Fort Henry Bridge.

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